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The Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame is proud to announce the first annual Curt Flood Platinum Award to be presented to the Most Outstanding Professional Athlete for MVP caliber athletes from basketball, football, baseball, hockey, who have transformed their benefiting from Curt’s sacrifice and courageous stand for Free Agency and empowering and creating opportunities for themselves and their communities, and induct five retired professional athletes into the Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame.

Our gala and ceremony will give you an opportunity to honor, recapture, and remember some of the greatest athletes ever, as they are inducted into the MESHOF; and witness the presentation of the MVP caliber nominees for the Curt Flood Award who are receiving this for their excellence in sports and in society.

Athletes participating in these sports are directly impacted by the courageous stand by Curt Flood. This event will allow donors to align with a nonprofit whose mission is to honor those who have made major contributions to the sporting community, while helping to make dreams come true for our students.

The event will be presented on Saturday, February 24, 2024, in the George P. Scotlan Convention Center, at the Marriott City Center in Oakland, California. General tickets are $250.00, seniors $150, students $50.00, now available.


Table of 10 are available and seating positions are determined by purchase date. Proceeds to benefit, Oakland’s Curt Flood Field, and MESSOF’s overall youth after school and mental health initiatives. There will be great demand for tickets and early purchase is recommended.

**Valet parking and self-parking are available at hotel. BART across from hotel and UBER and LYFT may also be considered.


Class of 2024
Clifford Ray (NBA)
Mohinder Singh Gil (Track & Field)
Dr. Alexis Gray Lawson (WNBA)

Travis Williams (NFL)

Bip Roberts (MLB)


Curt Flood Athletes

Dave Stewart (MLB)

Rick Barry (NBA)

Ryan McBean (NFL)

Special Award

Dwaine “Pete” Longmire (Humanitarian Forgiveness Award)

Monte Poole (Outstanding Media Award)


Get your tickets now!!

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